Friday, July 30, 2010

Please Pass the Fantuz Flakes

I'll admit, Andy Fantuz is a pretty good football player. I actually like him, even though he plays for the wretched Riders. Do I like him enough to eat his flakes? Ummmmm….. I think I’ll leave the honour of doing that to the crazy fans known as the Rider Nation. They love them and apparently can't get enough of those scrump-diddilyicious Fantuz Flakes. They're sold right out of them!

"Hi, would you like to taste my Flakes?"

What the hell is a Fantuz Flake anyway? Did the janitor who cleans the Rider locker room find them in the shower and say, "Hey, I can make some money off this!" Actually, never mind. I really don’t want to know.
So what tasty treats can we expect next from team that can't count to twelve? Durant Drops? Lucas Lumps? Clermont Crisps? Bagg Bags?


Anonymous said...

I sure hope Honey nut Getzlafs!!

darrin said...

another reason to hate saskatchewan -

Anonymous said...

Dari-Os, is something you can pickup at the Coop. It is another cereal, I guess modeled after Cheerios. I'm guessing the same company makes them.
The Coop also has some potato chips with Weston Dressler as well. The next time you're at a Coop grocery store, you should see them there. I haven't seen them in their gas stations. They have other Riders merchandise there but not cereal or potato chips. Rider merchandise at Coop is generally overpriced.

Anonymous said...

you guys suck. bc is full of addicts, pot heads, hipsters and assholes. the taxes are attrocious, the politics are a farce and the cost of living is way out of whack for what you get. i've lived on the island, vancouver and the interior. also, i've lived in all provinces but pei, nfld and manitoba. i'd rather live in any of them but bc.