Tuesday, July 20, 2010


In other parts of the world, the news headline of the day might focus on the gulf oil leak, flooding killing hundreds in China, Mel Gibson freaking out on tape, or Lindsay Lohan going to jail.

But not in Saskatchewan. There, other things are important enough to people to make the front page. Thank the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

PS: what is with the generic coffee cup? Could they not find a Timmies cup for the photo? It's not like they can't be found lying in any street in Stoon. *sign*


Anonymous said...

No, Tim Horton's is popular no where else in Canada .. just Sask. And the people in Sask love T.H. just to bug a dementedly bitter blog author sitting somewhere in B.C. who doesn't have enough to do in his own home. Think about it.

GoatSmell said...

I think the previous author was trying to be sarcastic...I think.

This article is typical of most of the Star-Kleenex's content. This is hard-proof that nothing ever goes on in Saskabush.

I love this blog. Love it. I'm sure if I ever met the author, he and I will have many stories to share.

Anonymous said...

Well we like to focus on the news that happens in our cities not something that is out of the country.

P.S. Go riders

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I can't start to say y i hate sk so much.. nothing here is positive about this place, just negative. People that run the town,screw you, i pay for water, that we can't use!! $50.00 a month and thats cheap, the other town pays $120.00, and we can't drink it, cook in it. So wtf, who would ever live here !!!!!!!!!! be on me !!I guess i must be the only stupid that does... but my house is up for sale. :)