Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And the award goes to...

May I have a drum roll please.

What is the most crime ridden province in Canada? Who rocks the Crime Severity Index like no one else? Who takes both first and second place with the highest violent crime rates in Canada? Who claimed the same top honours last year?

Saskatchewan, baby. That's who!

It's pretty ironic actually, as there is quite a bit of rivalry between the two cities. People in Saskaton think their city is so much better than Regina, and vice versa. I never really understood the whole competitive city thing, or what evidence it was based on. I've been in both places and trust me, neither are much to brag about. Until now, that is.... GO REGINA, GO!

Regina, Saskatoon crime rates fall, but still highest

The crime rate in Saskatoon fell in 2009, but the city remained at the No. 2 spot — second only to Regina — on Statistics Canada’s measurement of crime severity across the country.

We’ve managed to see another decrease this year in both violent and non-violent crime, certainly not the kind of drops we’ve seen in the last couple of years the report’s been published, but a decrease nonetheless,” said Saskatoon Police Service spokesperson Alyson Edwards. “We realize there’s more work to be done in Saskatoon.”


PS: if you feel a bit of deja vu it is because I blogged about this same award two years ago! Then again, nothing ever changes in SK. Keep on tryin' Abbottsford!

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