Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is “Visit Saskatchewan” on Your Bucket List?

OWW! Does my neck ever hurt. It’s from the double take I did when I read a headline from the Regina Leader this week.:
“Aussie travels to Regina to strike No. 23 from bucket list.

An Australian, Sebastain Terry, apparently visited Saskatchewan to complete an item on his bucket list. I think I speak for all of civilized Canada when my response to reading that was, “Bucket list? Saskatchewan? SAY WHA?!?!”

When I read further, it began to make sense. He didn’t have “visit Hell” on his bucket list but rather, had put down “deliver a baby” on it. He happened to be able to do this in Regina, which is why he came to the city. Personally, I’d rather leave the delicate task of delivering a child to a trained doctor, but clearly not everyone in Sask thinks the same. Maybe they thought he was a doctor. He does, after all have a funny accent, just like Dr. House has (in real life).

It’s amazing so how little goes on in SK, that the local paper reports on this kind of triviality. This guy clearly is looking simply for media attention, less so to experience the gift of life. I mean, look at the shirt he made up and is wearing. It reminds me a bit of the guy who traded a paper clip several times and eventually traded up to a house in Saskatchewan. Personally, that story was interesting enough to deserve a headline. I guess the main news item from both stories is that people would want to come to Saskatchewan. An extraordinary factor clearly must be involved. Now that’s news.

Unfortunately, visiting SK is not on my bucket list. If it was, it’d be somewhere between become a John Tesh concert roadie and play leap frog with a grizzly bear.


GoatSmell said...

Wow...I think Saskatchewan is on my bucket list as well. Not to visit, but to scrub the awful memory of 10 years of my life spent there. Gerf...

Well, he is from Australia. They find the flat and windy kinda like home -- though there is the dismaying lack of ocean anywhere near Saskabush.

Anonymous said...

do you live in Saskatchewan??? Why are you there if you hate it so much? this blog doesnt make sense get a life and move.

Anonymous said...

Buddy....get a life!! Geez....it can't be that bad if you acknowledge Joni Mitchell, Theresa Sokyrka, Colin James and Corner Gas...all of whom are from Sask. If it's that bad then get the hell out! We won't miss you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am from Saskatchewan and although I don't believe it is anything special. I do believe that this is a poorly written article that gives no actual reasons as to why you hate Saskatchewan except for that its boring.

Which yeah, it sort of is... but I think its fantastic that we have room to put trivial things in our paper, it means that their isnt an infinit amount of homacide and political corruption here to fill it up (Even though aparently we have the worst neighborhood in Canada... which is total crap to anyone who has lived here who doesn't have their head up their ass)

Infact, Saskatchewan happens to be one of the few places in Canada not suffering from the recession & has a decent job market. We also have one of the highest standards of education in Canada. Which happens to matter more to me than the fact that its flat.

Things I hate: big city yuppy half wits who write bloggs because they think they have something interesting to contribute to the internet because their "superior" location and new hipster status greatly inflated their ego. You need to retreive your head from your ass.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers, don't worry about this person, he/she is a bitter troll who I suspect has some anger management issues. They so love their home province that they still write about it after the move to B.C.

Parts of the blog would actually be funny, it the overall tone wasn't so mean-spirited.

I've been beaking back and forth with them for ages now, and I'm actually delighted that we live in a place where people can express opinions and bicker if they want to. Peace.

Regina Sucks said...

Check out this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74B5kMLNd5Q

Anonymous said...

This is mildly amusing. I live in Sask, the weather sucks and is all over the place but I wouldn't trade if for anything. I like our province, we haven't been hit by the recession badly. The number of jobs are higher, cost of living is lower. Most of your grains come from us.
I see no sense in hating it. I don't hate Newfoundland or PEI or Halifax. they are very nice people but I get a person from Ontario and they look down at me as if I have a problem with them. I generally don't but when person looks down on me like you are doing it just rather annoys me.
To me I would hate living in Ontario or Quebec because of the temperatures. Out here in the hills we have -40 below with a 15 degree windchill or a summer that is +62 and higher. We are tough stock and I laugh when I see people complaining because it hit 'record setting -20' because that is normal for out here. I shake my head and think of you all as city slickers.
It takes tough stock to survive out here and I think you are cut from a more delicate cloth.
I know we are boring and nothing happens but we have our quirks and we are all rather amusing people and we tend to be rather sarcastic. One thing about us Saskatchewanites, we tend to have a sarcastic sense of humor. You have your opinion and I have mine. I just laugh at yours.
Have a nice day
and thanks for the chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry all your jobs up and left to Saskatchewan when the recession hit. But thanks for sending them our way!!! How about those Olympics!

Anonymous said...

Suggesting there isn't a lot of homicides in Saskatchewan is ridiculous as Saskatchewan has the highest crime rate in Canada. There is also enormous amounts of racism towards the aboriginal population and abject poverty in the inner city in Regina... Just saying

Anonymous said...

If sask sucks so much why is every other province sending their jobless here and takin our jobs for extreeme cut rates and poor quality, would rather send back all them stuckup snobs from the "sepratists" and "ontsquareieo" just my $0.02

Anonymous said...

OK. Seriously. Did I just read that someone stated the cost of living is lower in Saskatchewan? Wow - just another example of how "behind" people are here. Saskatchewan's cost of living is one of the highest in Canada right now, and for the ridiculous amount of money you will shell out in taxes, insurance, house prices, etc, you will receive incredibly low standards in return. I have never in my life lived somewhere where people were so brainwashed into thinking that they are the best!!

Saskatchewan is like a communist little country - everything is government run. There is so much corruption in every sector and people pride themselves in being "laid back", but really they are scared to stand up for anything because theyve been so bullied their whole lives.

I could rant forever about this place. It is going to take 20 years of new blood and education to bring Saskatchewan up to speed with the rest of the country.

I have lived across Canada, and been here 3 years now. There are wonderful people here, but wow does this place needs change! This place needs services and opportunities to compensate for the flat, windy and dirty landscape. People need to start recognizing that they should expect some value out of the money they spend here, and accountability from the people who live here.

J. R. said...

Visiting Regina is on my bucket list so that my three children can go to school and try to say "We visited Regina" with a straight face. Next year my youngest enters Kindergarten so it'll be great..or maybe 2015.