Friday, October 15, 2010

Hold Your Nose When You Do It

Those helpful folks at the StarPhoenix are launching an informative new online restaurant guide. They are asking for your help for a readers' choice category on favourite places to eat. I’ve decided to post, for my loyal readers, my submission to the survey. Bon appetit!

Do... I... have... to... eat... this?

1. What is your favourite overall restaurant in Saskatoon?
Does going back to complain about getting food poisoning count as a return visit?

2. Why is it your favourite restaurant?
Oh, that’s easy. McDonald’s. Because the food is prepared a continent away.

3. What is your favourite sports bar in Saskatoon?
Well, I’d say there are plenty of good sports to see at any bar in Stoon. Go to any place during a Rider game and you can see brawling, vomiting, face-planting, public urinating, beer shotgunning, and countless other competitive sports in SK.

4. What is your favourite lounge in Saskatoon?
I used to like to lounge in this one place after eating out in Saskatoon. They had a stomach pump and “ER” on the door. It was really clean (a nice change) with very comfortable couches—highly recommended!

5. What is your favourite restaurant deck in Saskatoon?
Any, but only in August. Otherwise you run the risk of hypothermia before your first drink arrives.

6. What is your favourite pizza place in Saskatoon?
Well, I once knew this funny guy with raging hormones in grade 9 who… oh wait! You said PLACE.

7. What is your favourite fast food place in Saskatoon?
Fast food in Saskatoon? By this do you mean your food arrives in under 20 minutes? LOL! Good one!

8. What is your "Guilty Pleasure" food item at any restaurant in Saskatoon?
I’m not sure about the “pleasure” part, but I certainly feel guilty after eating out in Saskatoon. Ask my plumber.

9. Which restaurant is your "Guilty Pleasure" food item from?
Your honour, I'd prefer to plead not guilty.

13 comments: said...

I am curious as to why you feel it necessary to make such a hate filled blog towards SK. Perhaps blogging is a hobby that you like to indulge in, but I fail to understand why you feel the need to be so prejudice. I would love to know the psychological reasoning behind your blog because it is more than obvious that something in your past has caused you to react in such a negative manner.

Anonymous said...

haha I see this piece of shit has been bitching about Saskatchewan since at least 2008? Get the hell out of here if it sucks as bad as you say it does. Pretty sure no one would miss you. It also appears as though this blogger does not get out much, as he complains about incidents of food poisoning for an ENTIRE blog. Either he lives in a bubble or he's just a whippy asshole from the city. I'm going with the latter.

cjt42 said...

Ha! You really have nothing better to do with your time than bitch about sask? So you experienced one place in saskatoon that supposedly have you food poisoning? Big deal! Grow up. Get a life and get out if you have such a big problem with us! Maybe you need to come out of your dark cave and actually experience Sask before bashing it! People like you are depressed and lonely and need help.

Bill said...

Hey everyone, good comments! I've been battling with this person for a year or 2 now, and it's felt pretty lonely at times!

He/she is not getting as much feedback in the past few months, and the problem could be that people are seeing the blog as irrelevant.

I've said many times that the blog could even be a bit funny (especially the Sunfire skit), if the overall tone wasn't so mean-spirited. No one is a bigger fan than me of traveling, moving around, and seeing the world, but that doesn’t mean that you have to trash the place you come from originally. It’s an especially common habit of angry, single 20-something males.

You can detect the B.S. right on his/her opening comment about “give your head a shake if you think nice people are all that matters.” Guess what? When you mature, you will find out that health, family and friends is pretty much ALL that matters, no matter where you call home.

As I said a few months ago, someone who flies off the handle this much is either a very good actor, or has some serious anger management issues. The irony is that the “superior” friends that the blogger will meet on the West Coast will almost certainly notice these traits eventually.

Problem...? said...

Dude seriously?

What is your problem? Have you ever been a victim of a crime? Do you not make enough money to get through life? Do even have a job? Hell, how is it there in Butt Crack B.C?

Try living in some war torn country like Iraq. Or perhaps live in Manitoba. I've heard it's a shit hole compared to Saskie. You can't even show a hint of coin change. So think before you write.

Now as for boring, you really need some hobbies and writing a shit article about Saskie is all that you can get for a woody? Hell, go see a movie or something. Get some buddies and go out drinking. At least in Saskie it's alright if you make an ass out of yourself.

Sure some people can be butt heads in Saskie but that's everywhere you go. As for Boredom. I bet you're starting to type up a "I hate B.C!".

Anonymous said...

People, Saskatchewan IS a shithole, we all know it. Most of us with brains moved away long ago. After being to many cities around the world, and seeing so many new things, the rectangle of regression deserves to be in last place in the nation. From the high taxes to the socialist tendencies, that place will always haunt my dreams.

Anonymous said...

Did someone from Saskatchewan torture and kill your puppy in front of you? You sure do have an impressive amount of rage. Its good that your getting it out in a healthy way and not joining any of those violent B.C. gangs.

Anonymous said...

I to live in sask and can't wait to get out of this freezing high taxed shithole road scumbag welfare relied on province whew I feel better now and yeah the sooner I can I will be gone FU

Anonymous said...

Haha i bet this person and other people have not lived in Winnipeg or anywhere in manitoba for that fact. I did for a dissmal 4 months. The roads are in worse, scratch that absolutely worse condition than anything Saskatchewan has to offer. Also come on look at the beauty of the city of Saskatoon compared to Winnipeg you wanna talk about bum washing windsheild on every corner, even the nica areas. Not only bums i also saw the girl scouts asking for donations at a stop light, guess they train them right since birth. Also as for any jealousy with the Riders, we are proud get over it or start to cheer for your respected teams as much.

Anonymous said...

Comparing Regina to Winnipeg and suggesting Regina is better only proves why Saskatchewan sucks. "well Regina is better than Winnipeg"---pathetic

Anonymous said...

I live in Saskatchewan. Yes, it sucks. I am not from here and have spent years trying to accept it. Recently, I realized that life is passing me by and I need to get out. The most boring place in Canada is an understatment. This summer, I spent my vacation in B.C. I skipped the tourist traps and wandered in and amongst the B.C. locals. It occured to me that everyone seems so content. Life is good. That's what I want. I come! Sask...goodbye. Flying over that barren wasteland is as close as I will get to your little hillbilly society.

Dave G. said...

I was born in Saskatchewan, moved to Vancouver when I was a young lad. I was excited about moving back and looked forward to the friendly laid back attitude. The first year, when told of my previous locale, I would get strange looks and even stranger comments "why would you come back here"? Okay, a little insecure but still friendly....I think. The tide changed a few years ago, they became the cockiest, most obnoxious bunch of people I have ever known! Regina radio boasts "canada's greatest city". Oh please, what survey told you that? I realize the attitude of the people ebb and flow with their football team. Doing well, they strut around like Peacocks as they throw their garbage everywhere. I guess they think the eternal wind will put it in the right place. I hate the attitude towards change, the RC factor is alive and well in Pile of whatever. I tried hard to like Saskatchewan, they just would not let me and that's why the young lady started this blog!

Anonymous said...

If you come to Saskatchewan, you'll need: A baseball hat, sunglasses on the brim (no matter the weather or time of day/night), silkscreen logo on a sweatshirt and the obligatory male pant covering (blue jeans) and running shoes.
I'm talking about grown men here, and not just on saturdays. Apparently if you live in saskatchewan you grow up to become Dennis the Menace.
People here are NOT friendly unless you tow the hillbilly line, its just not overalls anymore. They hate anyone different