Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sask Party Political Attack Ad Tells the TRUTH (Can you handle it?)

The Sask Party have released a new attack ad focusing on Lingenfelter (For those of you out of the loop, Lingenfelter is not some new type of stinky cheese - it is the name of the current leader of the New Democratic Party in SK).

The ad is a real doozy that Saskies will get to watch on their TV screens over the next few months while it runs.


Let me be clear that I am no fan of either the Sask Party or "house band" NDP in Saskatchewan. I have a strict policy of equal opportunity scorn when it comes to SK political parties. Furthermore, I have stated here before my dislike of Brad Wall’s Fred Durst wannabe sideburns and Lorne Calvert’s heinous mug as the face of government for all those years. Heck, I still sometimes wake up from the occasional nightmare involving the ex-premier’s face chasing me around in a wheat field… although the fright may just as well come from the thought of having to live in Saskatchewan again.

The Sask Party attack ad is a real gem. It starts by saying:

“Ever since he moved back from Alberta, Dwain Lingenfelter has been running down Saskatchewan.”

The next part lists a series of ostensibly damning quotes from Lingenfelter.

“These [Saskatchewan] people are grumpy.”
“Our economy is in free fall”
“We have gone from boom to bust”
The Premier is a “loser”

The ad ends with the statement:

“Dwain Lingenfelter. No new ideas... down on Saskatchewan.”

So these are not new ideas? Grumpy people, a bombing economy, and a loser for a Premier are old hat in Saskatchewan? Actually, now that I think about it, Lingenfelter's comments provide very true descriptions of what it is like in SK, the place I call the “rectangle of regression.” Could this be the most accurate political attack ad ever made? Maybe it is not an attack ad at all, but a documentary on Sask culture, as told by a person who I am sure they will indeed name a cheese after one day.

A few other truisms can also be gleaned from the ad:
-Moving away to live in Alberta (or any other province) is what many people have done (including myself) since life is too unpleasant in Saskatchewan for anything other than gophers and crazy Rider fans. But to Sask people, moving away is akin to an act of treason.
-“Running down Saskatchewan” is something voters can relate to since no-one ever walks anywhere in the province – they only drive (a Sunfire, of course).
-Also, being “down on Saskatchewan” is frowned upon on the ad because it really is a terrible sin to say anything but specious niceties about the province when living in SK. It actually is the 11th commandment in SK: “Thou shalt not be down on Saskatchewan,” followed by the 12th commandment: “Thou shalt not crack jokes about Saskatchewan, ever, never, wherever.”

Oh, Father, I have sinned….


Anonymous said...

Wow, you really waste your time hating something so much. Do you think that maybe you should look at becoming more productive and doing something to make your life better instead of sitting in your armchair, yelling at the tv about how much you hate your life?

Bill said...

Hey Anonymous - no kidding. Apparently this graceless person is living it up in B.C., but still finds the time to bash a place where he/she used to live, and regurgitates stereotypes in a way that I wouldn't even expect from a Grade 8 kid.
It might actually be a bit funny if it wasn't so mean-spirited.

But payback is a b**ch - with an attitude like that, do you really think he/she is impressing anybody in B.C., outside of like-minded juveniles?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm another ex-Saskabush resident and I LOVE reading this blog. It's like scratching an annoying mosquito bite until it bleeds...and, man, I have 10 years of pent up, Saskawheat loathing to vent. Keep up the good work!!

Dave G. said...

Love this blog and I live in this mosquito infested, locust loving province. Intersting that you Post from God's country, lucky soleb