Tuesday, February 9, 2010

He’s Baaaaaaaaack!

Jim Pankiw. What else can I say? This infamous Saskatchewaner is known everywhere as Canada’s most openly-racist politician. In parts of Saskatchewan, however, he is hailed as some kind of folk hero, a dare-to-tell-the-truth warrior, valiantly fighting the good fight against the evil political correctness police. Never mind the fact that he has the IQ of a gopher hole and a hatred for aboriginal people that makes my dislike of Saskatchewan look like Mother Theresa’s work in Africa. His only political platform is a dislike of native people and he's more tan willing to talk about it. Apparently this is all you need to get elected in Saskatchewan. While not everyone in the province likes him, he certainly has a legendary following among many. He also seems to have no trouble getting local press. Boy, is that a sad thing.

Jim "Workin' Hard" Pankiw

Many thought that Mr. Pankiw’s political career was over after he lost his seat in the House of Commons and then came in third in the Saskatoon mayoralty race. But like a bad case of jock itch, he is back, and with a vengeance. He announced a few days ago that he will be running in the next federal election as an independent.

(check out the video and the comments section)

I’m reluctant to poke too much fun at Mr. Pankiw – if you watch the full video it seems pretty clear that he is either suffering from a mental illness or is indeed intoxicated, as one suspecting reported asked him (see 10:05). Still, I can’t help but find it hilarious that he claims to “have the internet now,” that he invited the media to hear him speak just to “rub it in their face,” and that he equates native headdress with a KKK Klansmen hood. Apparently wearing anything on your head makes you a racist by his logic. I also love how he nearly forgot to mention the reason for calling the press conference in the first place, that is until the very end. And to think - when I lived in SK, I thought Maurice Vellacott was a nut!


Bill said...

In this case, you are absolutely right to slam this turkey. He needs to go away. On a personal level, one could almost be concerned for him, as it seems he might have a drug and/or alcohol problem.

Again, just remember that controversial and/or disgraced MPs can come from all regions and all parties. How about Judy Sgro (Ontario Liberal), Rahim Jaffer (Alberta Tory), Svend Robinson (B.C. NDP)?

Pankiw's racism really stands out, however.

NeutralSask said...

Saskatchewan doesn't suck, it just sucks for you. It doesn't fit your lifestyle and your outward cry for attention by others who believe that looking at a painting makes you better than someone who watches a baseball game. Art just doesn't do it for some people and sports don't it for others. There are options, if you don't like the options Saskatchewan has to offer then move on and try to find a place that has the things you are looking for. That is why there isn't a formula as to how places are governed and ran. This is just rude and ignorant of you to slander an entire provoince because it "wasn't for you." I live in Saskatchewan for 20 years, there are things I hate, things I don't like, things I like and things I love here. Yet, for some odd reason I don't feel the need to create some ego-stroking blog spewing my ideas about why my opinion is the right one. If someone asks then give insight, no need to be a hateful hermit, I can only wish the worst for people like you. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pankiw is not the type of person with whom I wish to associate. He is the ultimate example of ignorance is bliss. A man very willing to ignore diversity. A man fearing change. I deal with this attitude on a daily basis. I was not born in Saskatchewan but have lived here for over 15 years. I just can't seem to ever get comfortable here.

Every week, I am faced with racist comments from co-workers. I hear the 'N' word frequently. Many times by upper management. I hear horrible comments about our 1st Nation population. Really, there is no minority left untouched. Anyone different than themselves is fair game in my work environment.

The scariest thing? I work for the Saskatchewan government. I'm presently doing a lot of soul searching. I don't know what is better. Either I stick it out in Saskatchewan and try to help my co-workers realize that their behavior is wrong or I leave, and start fresh, surrounding myself with others who see that everyone is not painted with the same brush. All I do know right now, is that I am very unhappy living here. It's very difficult.

Oh yeah. I am a white male. Not that this should matter.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I like your blog and hate Saskatchewan, but wanted to let you know that most of Mother Theresa's work was in India, not Africa (though she had influence there). I'm sure you'll appreciate this, as, unlike many other Saskatchewanians, you're not averse to knowledge, lol!

Anonymous said...


I'm not a fan of this site (to put it mildly) but I've already got an idea for your next story...

Make it about the whole "9/11 poster" thing. If you are not familiar, you will be soon...it has all the right elements for you:

- it involves a blunder by the Sask Party (great for you NDP-types)

- it got some bad press in the USA, so you can ramble on about "how the rest of the world knows we are insensitive hicks" and such

Make sure you add some sanctimonious comments about brave firemen, innocent victims and so on.....

Should be a good read....you're welcome!!! :)