Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tillman Resigns - A Provincial Day of Mourning

Well, Eric Tillman has done something the Saskatchewan justice system obviously could not: dish up a penalty for the sexual assault of his sixteen year old babysitter. In case you missed the news, Tillman was charged and found guilty of the charge of sexual assault. The judge, however, discharged Tillman with no penalty or criminal record, a sure sign that Rider management get the royal treatment in SK. That is, when they are not busy playing hut the ball with their babysitters.

So the supreme il duce leader of the Roughrider Nation will no longer serve as the team’s GM. I’ve been watching this story from afar and am glad to see that somebody had watermelons enough to do the right thing. He learned the hard way that you can work for the Roughriders but you can’t Roughride those who work for you.

I’ve been watching the fallout at the Rider Nation headquarters - The reaction there is mixed at least, but more than a fair share of fans are angry to see a resignation. In addition to refuting the seriousness of the crime, they see no problem with Tillman staying on as GM. Sad.

So what’s next for Tillman? Who cares, really but I have five bucks saying he’ll shack up with another person who screwed Saskatchewan – Kent Austin – and film a sequel to Swingers. Gotta love them babies.

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NFL = real football said...

First off I'm probably the farthest from a Rider fan you can get. As a matter of fact the entire CFL has less talent than a nickelback concert but I do believe that what happened was the right course of actions. The girls parents didn't even want it to go to court. I'm not a judge but if a 16-year-old is in a case of sexual assault and the parents of that girl are saying they don't want the accused rapist to go to court or get in trouble or lose his job sure makes it seem like a big misunderstanding. Media coverage was very vague as to why the parents were wanting to down play the charges but that just seems to weird for it to be a legitimate assault or rape. Granted, rider nation and tickle-me-tillman are guilty of giving Canadians worse than high school football that people still seem to watch for reasons I can't even fathom. CFL WATCHERS PLEASE READ THIS!!!! Wide Receivers are supposed to catch passes that hit them right in the hands, Quarterbacks aren't supposed to throw 3 interceptions or more a game and a quarterback should NEVER be able to throw for 500 yards and STILL LOSE THE GAME!!!! THE CFL IS A JOKE WITH NO PUNCHLINE YET EVERYONE WANTS TO HEAR IT OVER AND OVER!!! IF THERE IS A HIGHER POWER HE WILL COLLAPSE THIS JOKE OF A LEAGUE WITH UNDER 10 TEAMS IN IT! that is all