Monday, January 28, 2008

Kent Austin Screws Saskatchewan AGAIN!

So Mr Austin is leaving south for the good life in the NCAA…. Someone please tell me why everyone is NOT upset over this? I saw people wishing him luck on TV when they heard the news. Don’t people remember that this is the SECOND time Austin screwed the Riders fans over? This guy is like one of those dapper old men who comes into a retirement home, bangs all the old ladies, and leaves the next day with all their money. Well, Austin never fooled me, probably because I HATED the Riders when he did it the first time as their QB and I HATE them still today. And not just because Eric Tillman looks like a Chiapet... or one of those brushes you clean your shoes with before hitting the curling rink. Probably that’s how he got the GM job here. People liked him a lot but couldn’t quite explain why…. But I digress..... I thought Saskatchewan people knew their history. Apparently not! I suppose that this means that if I come back to Saskatchewan in twenty years’ time people will remember me as the person who invented the internet.

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Anonymous said...

Boohoo. He left so he can take a better offer closer to home. Don't tell me you wouldn't do the same hypocrite. Only an idiot would stay for less money further away from home. You're blaming Kent Austin because he would do what someone with normal or above average intelligence would do. As for Eric Tillman, he's a proven commodity. He's turned out the Eskimos. They were in last place in the West in 2010, and now they are going to be guaranteed a playoff spot, and are contending for 1st place in the West. The Riders need to rebuild anyways. It was bound to happen.