Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why I hate Saskatoon

People in Saskatoon seem to think that their city is better than Regina. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black--Saskatoon easily is as bit a shithole as Regina. Here's why:

1) Everyone drives slower than the retired.
2) Clueless drivers that don’t respect pedestrians, crosswalks, and even traffic lights.
3) Downtown has no real attractions and is dead… all the time.
4) No downtown nightlife.
5) People think Tim Hortons has “good” coffee.
6) They elect people like MP Maurice Vellacot…. year in year out. And then complain about the conservatism of Sask Party MLAs.
7) Home to some of the highest crime rates in Canada.
8) Maybe 3 good restaurants in a sized city that should have 20-30.
9) Can’t sustain a downtown grocery store open but can keep 3 Walmarts PACKED.
10) No gas stations (sorry, the 20th and Idylewild one doesn’t count).
11) There are no public beaches in a city with a river running through it.
12) River swimming is not allowed, due to hydrophobia than actual danger.
13) Road construction projects take weeks, sometimes months, to undertake… where in other cities it would take days.
14) No sidewalks on the busiest part of Circle Drive North.
15) People are incredibly poor tippers… when they tip at all.
16) Pubs and restaurants never cut off or give the boot to drunk patrons… they are allowed to cause as much trouble as they like.
17) Has the slowest service in restaurants anywhere.
18) Frumpily dressed people everywhere.
19) No tourism industry whatsoever.... seeing a Manitoba license plate is even rare.
20) Drop in medical clinics are always backed up and you can wait 2-3 hours to see a doctor in the “Home of Healthcare.”
21) Few signs that private entrepreneurship is encouraged.
22) Excess TV time devoted to farm and crop reports when agriculture makes up less than 10% of the provincial economy.
23) Newscasts devoid of any real newsworthy content.
24) Newscasters dress and look like 80s prom nightmares.
25) Some city streets aren’t swept to clean up road dirt in the spring until… summer.
26) Crappy, expensive to ride public transit system that shuts down too early/runs too infrequently.
27) People frown on public transit as ‘for the poor people who can’t afford a car.”
28) Junk Pontiac Sunfires…. everywhere.
29) No signs of logical civic planning… i.e. they let large lots of downtown real estate sit unused for years (i.e. the old King George Hotel and put a big ugly movie theatre on prime downtown near-waterfront property.
30) The WORST public bus system EVER – people think the bus is for poor people.
31) When the city bus drivers aren’t busy driving over people, they are just plain rude.
32) Crappy roads and potholes that go without repair.
33) Unsynchronized traffic lights on main roads in the city.
34) No bike lanes anywhere…. even though the city has one of the highest number of bike commuters in Canada.
35) Crappy, apathetic service at oh so many retail shops.
36) They can’t think of a better name for historical Victoria Bridge than to call it the “Traffic Bridge.”
37) Poor city planning i.e. traffic lights, crosswalks in poor locations.
38) Insufficient number of garbage cans and maintenance in main areas….as a result, street festivals (i.e. The Fringe) are garbagefests.
39) Overweight people everywhere… and junk food/candy vending machines galore.
40) Drunk driving seems acceptable to many, and the police never have roadblocks to stop them either.
41) You have to pay to park in the Midtown Mall lot… they charge you to go to the mall to spend your money.
42) the malls SUCK—people think the Gap is high end fashion.
43) Native culture is seen as a problem and not celebrated as in other parts of Canada.
44) There is public support for a lobby group sympathetic to the cops that killed Stonechild.
45) Few boutique shops… instead, tons of big ugly box stores.
46) The Star Phoenix is a rag.
47) You can count the number of ethnic food import shops on one hand… sorry, Cheese Warehouse just doesn’t cut it.
48) No specialty wine shops… and shitty liquor store selection.
49) Road lines always need repainting.
50) No rent controls for the home of socialism.
51) People don’t pick up after their dogs—spring should be called shit melt.
52) They charge people to get a pet license for their cats and dogs but never enforce it.
53) All the city firework displays (Canada Day, the Ex) are incredibly lame.
54) City Hall does nothing about the 20th St. problem.
55) The mayor is stupid enough to make racist comments in front of Indians at the First Nations University… and still gets elected by a landslide.

Yes, I am MOVING out of province!


big boi said...

you are not wrong, I have lived in Regina about 5 years now - wanna head west as soon as I can convince the wife (she grew up here.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to give you a big internet high five.
I grew up in Prince Albert .. which I assure you is worse to live in than Saskatoon or Regina by far. The only thing better about P.A. is that there are synchronized lights at some locations.
I lived in Calgary for 5 years before I moved to Saskatoon. Calgary is friendly, well thought out, and a pleasure to live in. You can meet people anywhere and find new friends in an instant. People say hi to each other and there are few "clicks". Bringing this attitude back to Saskatoon was not accepted well. People are downright rude. My initial reaction to people here was, "What the hell! Do these people think they are better than everyone?" I've been here for 5 years now and all I hear about are comments like "OUR BEAUTIFUL CITY OF SASKATOON" and "SASKATOON SHINES". Beautiful and shine my ass.
People don't know how to drive here at all. They don't know the concept of "letting people in" or how to properly signal. It's silly ... people only signal when they actually have a lane to go into. They will never signal to let you know their intentions. I see people all the time cancelling their signal when they realize someone won't let them in.
Saskatoon's traffic engineering is by far the worst, ever, period. It's actually designed to stop you. red light to red light. No turning arrows. No thought. Just frustration. And, they won't fix a poorly designed intersection. Instead, they will install a red light camera and penalize everyone for their screw up.
I've read reports of other big cities that saw significant decreases in crime rates by improving the driving conditions. Saskatoon could not be a better truth-proving example of crime being related to driving conditions. We have the highest crime rate in Canada. We also have the worst driving in Canada. Who shines now mother fucker.
Now, if this isn't enough, the diabolical scheming bureaucrats here caused the Saskatoon housing market to reach levels that a city of this status should have never seen. I get a shit wage to drive amongst idiots in a poorly thought out city, at a job I hate, in a city with no life, only to be forced out of renting to buy a $40,000 house that I paid $300,000 for.
Come on Saskatoon. Get with the times. You are 10 years behind.

Werner said...

Nuke Regina now

Werner said...

How about another tornado a big one

Anonymous said...

They didn't finish circle drive because
some rich guy owns the golf course
and didn't want to sell. So it never got
finished. People are arrogant towards
trades people unless you have a university
degree you're frowned apon as person.
That is the Saskatoon I remember...

Anonymous said...

Glad your leaving.
Take your negativity elsewhere. You belong in a supersize city.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, it seems you are not able to get out much to experience the life Saskatoon does have to offer.

You're a douche.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think you should add another page, Why I hate Regina. Its worth hating as much also, perhaps more so. You could just do a copy paste really. The drooling cousins will too cross-eyed with fury to notice the difference.

Anonymous said...

lol most of his points contradict others, high crime rate..., then he goes to say people don't respect indian culture, I bet if the crime rate was lower people would respect indian culture??? then he says clean up 20th street, how do you clean up 20th street when thats where most of the crime clean up 20th street and the problem goes elsewhere..I say keep 20th the the same...maybe even lower the prices on 20th...Saskatoon is boring he's got that right, but I have been to big cities like Calgary and cannot stand the traffic nor the people! I have lived in Regina also and hated it. I am from a small town and Saskatoon is the only place that feels just like home, Love it!!

Joey said...

Saskatoon is a shit whole, there is nothing to do.Downtown is the worst,there is no nightlife but instead people smoking weed. I am getting the hell out of saskatoon as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

After two years of living in Regina, I have yet to find one person (not from here) who actually likes it. Every import I've met is just waiting to get out. I am outta here in 2 months and this is the impression of this province I'll be taking with me 1) lack of work ethic. Worst example of this was one major grocery store I went to actually had NO ONE but the managers show up for work that morning. I believe there was a Rider's game the night before. 2) Because of the lack of simple garbage cans in the city, it looks like an urbanized land-fill. 3) Roads??? What roads. You mean those trails that have worn down to the original wagon paths? 4)No snow removal. One gentleman I spoke to used to work for the City. He told me Regina has the most up-to-date equipment in Canada, but that no one knows how to use it - so they don't 5) If I hear "but that's the way it's always been" one more time I'll scream!! 6) No rent control. Landlords can charge what they want for dumps that anywhere else in this country would be condemned by health authorities. And don't bother calling the rentals-man. I tried and was told to pay my $50.00 bucks and maybe they will get around to looking at my complaint in 2 months or so. 7) I no longer have any pots, pans, kettles or coffee pots. The city water here has destroyed them all.

I think you have covered the rest (buses, bad drivers, traffic, bugs, wind, etc)

I will say I truly believe this province has a lot of potential. However, the governments (municipal and provincial) and the people who were born and raised here HATE CHANGE OR PROGRESSION.

Therefore, so long Saskatchewan - wish I could say it was fun instead of "what a colossal waste of two years of my life".

Pieter said...

I lived in Saskatoon for 31 years. I found that Saskatoon people are arrogant, Calgary wannabees that think the city is as big as L.A. it is a hick town that has nothing to offer, no opportunities and a pretentious attitude that is not matched by any other city in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon is home to Canada's fastest growing economy

Read more:

proves Pieter is a moron Yes, Saskatoon has some of the dumbest drivers around. Personally, some of them need to be rammed off the road into a ditch or culvert, by the cops or someone with a big enough vehicle because of their inconsiderate and dangerous driving practices. The roads suck in Saskatoon and so do the highways, but that wasn't just a problem with the current governments. That problem also was part of previous administrations as well.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! awesome blog...seriously, saskatoon is a shit hole tryna pass itself off as a indoor outhouse.

Anonymous said...

the first two sexual encounter landed me witht he two worst stds (use your sympathetic imagination) you can't find any pot and people will call there brother the hillbilly police officer for broaching the subject. The ethnic drivers the all go to the university own the the calcutta roads in the dump and everyone here is a farmer that stand by drinking 40s is gods way and taking two bong hits must mean your a homosexual satan worshipper. I thought regina was bad i fucking hate living is starkly different in the issues mentioned

Anonymous said... really have a hate on for this city! I have visited Saskatoon recently and it feels like some sort of frontier town. I know I have rose colored glasses living in Victoria though. I found the people pretty friendly though.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, your readers are the ones who are close complains too much pot the other complains that there's not enough. It is all based on subjective, limited experience. Your grammar spelling and punctuation suck. You belong in Toronto. You have wasted three years hating a city, so the joke is really on you. Take a look at the world, Saskatoon is a clean safe place to live where even the poorest residents have exponetially more than people in many other countries. You have first world problems and a lack of empathy. Take your ego to T.O. and enjoy getting acne from the smog!

Anonymous said...

I have lived in from Vancouver, London UK and Rome Italy. It is my 3rd year in Saskatoon, i absolutely agree with you 97% of your points. I went as far as to google "why does saskatoon suck" because I am in pain constantly looking at the obese, poorly dressed people roaming the streets and never having anything to do and any place to buy a bottle of wine. Save me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, must be nice to be fourteen years old and have so much time on your hands.

Anonymous said...

OMG this place is such a shit hole, i cant wait to leave here and stop wasting my life here. It been seven years and i cant raise my kids in this environment.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that Saskatoon's infrastructure continues to get worse yet the people here constantly try to pretend its getting better. Love the pile of scrap that used to be the Victoria Bridge. Love that nearly half a million was spent on lights for it instead of actually repairing it. Love how Circle Dr. South never was finished even close to schedule and will remain that way for almost another year. Love the near useless transit system. Love the worst drivers in Canada and a Police force that seems powerless to do anything about them. Love the horrid restaurants that people actually convince themselves are good. Love the economic boom that people think is real. Love the ridiculous rent and housing costs that are so overinflated. Love the crumbling roads and bridges that need millions to repair. Love the idea of building a new art gallery while the rest of the city fails. Love the smugness of the people here. Love the hatred towards Calgary and Alberta. . I truly wish all the "cosmopolitan" residents of Saskatoon would go to Toronto for a week to see how a real city works.

Bhalzdeep said...

Just wait till the bank interest rate increases even a small percentage. All the morons that purchased $50.000 for 400K will be walking into the bank and dropping their keys off with the loans manager.

Saskatoon as most agree is a boring shit hole with a bunch of Calgary wannabees, the prople aren't friendly and are too stupid to realize they are living on a so called economy based on credit.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most that Saskatoon is a bunch of Calgary Wananbees. They try to boast about their so called crime rate in order to make the city appear like a big bad place, it sure is not a big place and the people sure are arrogant.

Real estate is outrageous, if the interest increases as someone said, the 400.000 dollar house will be property of the bank.

Anonymous said...

this site won't let me post and I am under the 4096 characters??
4088 is my count! any suggestions

Anonymous said...

I hate Saska friggin Toon. It sucks living here and it is rattling the shit out of my car. I have created a good job for myself, and work with some pretty good people, but they are still "redneck mentality"
I can't wait to move my ass back to a real province that knows how to spend my tax dollars on real roads and pay their construction people overtime to take care of potholes and road repair all night long so that the rest of the city can function the next day!
Hey Saskatoon... how about getting rid of street parking so that the snow removal can actually take place.
If Saskatoon would actually ticket people for street parking overnight and get the damn parked cars off of a major roads like 8th street for instance, then maybe this town could grow into a nicely developed "city". At least it would put some cash into the city's pocket for more road repair and some decent parking. The downtown workers are penalized for working downtown by having to pay astronomical parking fees. Think about it Saskatoon, is this not unfair to people who work downtown?? It takes more than a certain "number" of people to create a city.. it takes the right attitude.

I have seen cars turn off of a main street onto a side street in the winter and get caught in the flippin road ruts (that are huge BTW) and take out up to four cars (five including their own) just like that, by being forced to swag back and forth in the slippery ruts. It is friggin scary to drive in those ruts. Wagon wheelers! Sigh!
Three years ago in that major winter storm, the city let their workers sleep and caused the whole of Saskatoon to shut down for business because if you took bus to work to avoid the damn expensive parking downtown core, you were shut out because there was no service for three days!

WTF Good thing everyone here keeps their trustworthy "snowshoes" by the front door so they could at least get their ass to the beer store for their three day supply of beer as that is the only place that got any business then!

How can the Province get ahead when SGI has to pay out claims like that episode I just described above.... and all because the they do not ENFORCE simple things like street parking.

Hell when I first moved here I would be running out to my car freaking out, thinking I was going to be towed if I ran into the convenience store for a minute and parked illegally because I am from a province that doesn't screw around and they do their jobs. Here they are just lazy and lax!
People still live like "hippies" and think they are so cool... too many yoga studios here and the mindset here is just so meditative that everything seems to be tolerated.
The city stores and business in this hokey town don't know what water is, as the windows are drab with Prairie Dust at all times... so nothing SHINES there. The Bay is an embarrassment to me coming from Toronto... Hell the Bay street store in TO was always so done up and the window dressing divine...

Here they merely stick a manikin in the window on first Avenue and let the dust settle on the lame outfit they dare to display... they have no back drops to make the displays POP and this is a downtown ICON... Ha ha... what a joke... It is The Bay for crying out loud. Should you not display it with PRIDE?
I would say that Saskatoon is 25 years behind in time and needs to invest in it's own "township" BIG TIME in order to gain respect of the residents here.
Also Saskatoon people are so prejudice against the Native's. You just don't see that attitude anymore Saskatoon people. Wake up and get with the times... you should get your asses sued for the way you prejudice against them. Good thing I have set my own sole proprietorship and taken on my own interests for work to build enough to get out of town.
I'll be in the Kawartha's after July 1st, sipping margaritas at the lake C ya

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon is a fucking shithole. No wonder why the rate crime is so fucking high, people are bored to death. Downtown look like shit and you can see that there is no effort nor will to modernize the goddamn city.

What is fucking absurd is that there is no grocery shop Down Town. So good fucking luck getting grocery if you do not have a car. You will have to go on Broadway to the shitty overpriced stores or take a bus to 8th Street.

The life in Saskatoon is fucking expensive. Everything is expensive. The restaurant, the food, everything.

People here are still stuck in the 18s century when they used to ride horses because they can´t drive for shit.

Overall the people of Saskatoon are rude, ignorants, racists and retarded. Fuck this city.

Anonymous said...

if you hate Saskatoon so much then leave,,, it is no better any where else. how dare you put down all of Saskatoon. it is a nice city and it is friendly. maybe you are the problem.... I have lived here for 25 yrs and yes we have issues, so does every town and city... if everyone did one nice thing a day the whole world would be a better place.

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon should be renamed to Imbreed Town.

Anonymous said...

saskatoon reminds me of a cheap dimestore hick who thinks he's a bad ass only because he's never known any real badasses. its overpriced, over-rated, the locals are sheltered assholes who've never lived in a real city so they dont have anything to compare it to. the city planners and decision makers are a bunch of greedy money grubbing douchebags who raise the cost of living every single fucking year. and people, because they are sheltered hicks with no other frame of reference, keep voting the same leeches into office year after year. im so glad i found this page, bc it validates everything shitty ive experienced in that shitty town. and yes, its fucking RACIST as shit. people know it as that racist town where cops kill natives and get away with it.

Bhalzdeep said...

I lived in Saskatoon for 31 yrs, it is a shit hole of pretentious Calgary wannabees, here's news it never will be.

meshuga said living in PA was worse than Saskatoon or Regina, I have lived in all three cities, Saskatoon tops all three as a shithole with a big ego, the crime rate isn't as big an issue as everyone figures, it's just that people in Saskatoon boast about the crime to make Saskatoon look like a bigger city than it is, there is not much to brag about so they have to brag about something.

To the guy that's bitching about getting two STD'S in Saskatoon, you are retarded, you belong there, wear a rubber already and don't try breeding anymore.

Anonymous said...

Grew up in Saskatchewan and loved it,now hate it.Alberta faaar nicer place to live.Saskatoon is ruined!!!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Saskatoon, then moved away with my family to Regina at the age of fourteen. I moved back to Saskatoon (after living in a few other places around the province) when I was twenty, and after the nostalgia wore off, I realised that Saskatoon really isn't how I remembered it.

I have come to begin loathing this province, and desire greatly to relocate to Vancouver, B.C. but am quite unfortunately stuck in Saskatoon for an unforeseen amount of time due to uncontrollable circumstances (I assist in the care of my younger sister and mother who, due to health issues, have great difficulty when it comes to travel.)

I agree with nearly every single one of your points.

Saskatoon is a blight, an absolute blemish, as is the entire province, to Canada. I am honestly embarrassed to be from the area, and can't wait to get the fuck out before I end up wasting my entire life in the hell hole.

For those of you who find life in Saskatoon, or Saskatchewan, pleasant, good for you. At least you can derive some sort of quality of living out of a dreary and pathetic place. As for me, I now hate it with a passion and should I get the chance to leave, I shall never come back.

TL;DR version:

Fuck Saskatoon and Saskachewan in general.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on this site and came to a few conclusions rather quickly;
1. Inspite of society's rush to the lowest standards, using vulgar, coarse language will convince no one that any intelligence is present.
2. There are always those who like being miserable, unhappy, overly critical,and seemingly superior to everyone else. If mommy had shot you out In Kuala Lampur or Afganistan you would no doubt be more appreciative of what you have.
3. We live in a free country (whose freedoms were purchased at great expense) and you can move about and live where you please. No matter where you live though most of you sorry whiners will be just as miserable THERE as you are HERE.
Try growing up...sooner is better than later.

Anonymous said...

I have never been more disappointed in humanity. I have lived in many large and small cities and this by far is the worst. Don't bother trying to own nice things, they will get stolen. Your car will be fucked as people have no idea how to drive. The average iq, we won't even go there. I used to think the US was crazy with there gun laws, I now understand. There is no respect for the next person and without saying a million things that have been already said, if your thinking about moving here please think again. Yes it is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada but also one of the easiest places to immigrate to. Crime rates through the roof and trust me, most is not reported. I can't think of a worse place in all of Canada. Not only are the people for the most part an absolute disgrace, it is flat, boring, no night life, nothing to do in day either, cold as fuck and the riders are what ppl get excited about...a cfl team. Yay. Do yourself a favour and never ever even bother visiting. sad.

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon and SK in general are better than many third world countries and we should count our blessings that we can live in such a place. That said, since this is the only thing it has going for it, relatively speaking, it is a piece of shit hell hole compared to the majority of major cities in Canada.

The weather is my chief complaint. Frigid arctic tundra for 7-8 months of the year. Dirty and wet for another 2 months, dusty and mosquito infested for another two, dull and cool for the last. No pretty flowers in the spring, just mud and dirt covering everything left over from the oversanding of streets during the winter, because they refuse to plow the streets and salt on a regular basis. 2 of the 3 months it is acutally warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, it is infested with mosquitos to the point where you cannot enjoy going outside without dousing yourself in bug spray every 10 minutes.
Housing is way overpriced, few big city amenities, festivals are okay but pale in comparison to those in other cities. (Rib fest is three vendors in a field, they close one of the busiest streets down to set up three tables displaying random people's artwork). No club scene, just a bunch of sports bars. Shopping is crappy, parking is non-existent, roads are shit. Its super dry and dusty in the summer and they don't bother paving half the back streets or parking lots. NO TRAFFIC SIGNS ON hundreds of RESIDENTIAL INTERSECTIONS!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!
MALLS suck, only one decent movie theatre. Terrible shopping in general. One superstore with no parking. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I Hate Saskatchewan said...

Let it all out.

This blog is meant to be cathartic.

Inhale.... Exhale....

Escape is only one gas tank away...

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is wrong with people from saskatoon???? They are unbelievably close minded, disrespect other cultures and religions, and are essentially living in 18th century attitudes. Unforntanately I have to stay here for a few years. Any tips on dealing with these ignorant assholes!!??

Anonymous said...

I am glad I found this blog. Everything you say unfortunately is very true. In my 50 years I lived 44 of them in Vancouver. When I moved here I thought I was coming to a place of great opportunity and better house prices. What I came to is 18 century hickville. I cannot believe how unbelievably stupid people are here, and they think I am the stupid one. They argue about everything and think they know everything yet most of them have never been anywhere else except the lake and Regina for the Riders. The downtown is always dead and I felt safer in the downtown eastside of Vancouver than here. The only friends I have met are from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. They are all planning their escape as am I. You are right, escape is a gas tank away.

Anonymous said...

What you all say is correct, but as a person who was raised in Saskatoon I can tell you it wasn't always like that.

I started noticing the change in the late 1970's about the time potash became a big thing. Seems with every little economic boom and resulting influx of workers, the quality of our hospitality dropped. Not to say it was the fault of the transient workers, it is more like a learned response that come from being financially raped several times over. During the booms we saw some of the worst of Canada at our door, they took advantage of the "farm people" hospitality, grabbed every dime they could, and then left when no more money could be had. Those of us that continued to call this home ended up paying for the "economic growth".

Yes, Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) drivers are bad mainly as a result of a lack of consistency in their habits. One person drives like they are on a tractor in the middle of a field, the next like they are navigating a Calgary trail. Which brings me to Calgary. Having driven in several major cities around the world, I can say that the most aggressive and inconsiderate drivers are in Calgary. What makes driving Calgary tolerable is they are consistent in their bad behavior so it is easy to anticipate their actions. As well Calgary's urban planners do not have their heads up their asses like they do in Saskatoon. Their roads are designed to expedite traffic not to service a few downtown business merchants.

When you combine poor city planning with inconsistent driving habits you end up with a city suffering from road rage. Unfortunately the entire prairie provinces and most of Canada are only slightly better (Toronto GTA is one of the few exceptions) . If you want to see good driving try an LA freeway during peak times, or change lanes in central Athens or drive in London to Big Ben ... kids. No one in this country can hold a candle to these cities. And if you have problems driving in Saskatoon, stay away from Orlando Fl. All the multi national drivers has a feel of Saskatoon on Steroids.

Yep, we tend not to be polite or trusting, and have learned over the last 40 years to push our own agenda and to hell with everyone else. We are now true capitalists getting and keeping every penny we can, and yes we bought and paid for the roads so get the hell out of our way. The really good news for you is that even though we should be saddened by the numerous individuals on this site who wish to leave our city/province, few of us will shed a tear.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, sir. Everything is spot on, perhaps even worse as you have described. It is certainly getting worse. I'm stuck here another year or so... counting the days until I leave.

Anonymous said...

Well Halleluiah! I finally got my sweet ass out of there! Yup you are right... just a gas tank away.
Make a plan, put it in place, fill up your tank... and LEAVE!

I thought it would be costly but not if you make that plan Stan.

Now I am living the life of a NORMAL person, and making just as much money as I did in Stupid Saskatoon.

It is far from reality living in that Horrid Town
(and yes Saskatoon peeps... you live in a TOWN.... not a city!

Anonymous said...

I could not be happier to read your post and a lll of the comments. This province is a dump. I actually can't believe anyone willingly lives here. Thank you for showing me that I'm not the only person who hates SK more than I've ever hated anything in my life.

Anonymous said...

Agreed....Saskatoon is a shithole and most of the people there are losers. I grew up in Saskatoon the first 17 years of my life. As soon as I was able to I moved from redneckville to where some real life was. Vancouver. I have since seen the world a bit and lived in Toronto for 15 years and London UK for 10. Ask any person who has lived in any normal place if they could tolerate what Saskatoon is or if they could live around the narrow minded types in Saskatoon, and they would likely puke.
Absolutely people with no class totally sheltered from the real world. Very sad.
To the people of Saskatoon, I have news for you. You're the odd balls're nothing special. You are a joke. If you went anywhere else normal...Toronto, London or Los angeles, people there will look at you funny because you are so Unhip and un-with the times. Low class uncultured hicks.
Nice "freeway" system...just saw it recently. Wow impressive. Ha ha ha
Open your hick eyes and see the world a little. I assure you if you do, you will never return as life in all its forms...culture, having fun, opportunity, and comfort is better elsewhere.
Life is too short to live in sub artic conditions with hill billy types. A real joke. LOL LOL funny but sad at the same time.
What's funny is that most people from Saskatoon think its good???Holy shit...for real?
Theres no hope for some people.

Gabriel said...

Just recently moved to Vancouver. I know this blog is about Saskatoon. I am from Winnipeg and Saskatoon is way way worse but they both fucking suck major nads and Im so glad to be gone. I felt prisoner there to an ex girlfriend who doesn't understand what the real world is and didn't want to leave. Saskatoon sucks and I will never get those 3.5 years of my life back

Anonymous said...

I fucking lived outside never mind get out ive experienced the entire city and it sucks major nads your a douche have fun degenerating thats what happens you degenerate living there.

Anonymous said...

I read this list about 5 years ago, haha and it's still true, the city is not making any progress at all. People keep talking some "economy boom" here. I don't know what that is, other than jacked up living expenses to make it look like economy boom. Still below average factory jobs for minimum wage, but the cost of living went through the roof. The roads..haha..if you do own a vehicle, prepare to dish out a lot of extra maintenance cost for shocks, ball joints, even popped tires and bent wheels. This city, for a first world country, is about 20 years behind behind anything comparable, no not Winnipeg or Regina, they are just as bad.

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck, cry me a river. Run for council and make changes... or start a passive aggressive blog and bitch about a city you contributed absolutely fuck all to making it a better place.

mike_inferno said...

saquenme de esta mierdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon sucks.
I am from Toronto originally and lived in New York for many years.

I lived in Saskatoon for 5 years.
the place is cold, dirty, hard to live in and the landscape SUCKS .
...they'll never leave the3ir good friends.
People there describe themselves as "lifers" LOL

But, the worst thing....the people there are stupid fucking hicks who know nothing.

If they went to New York or LA or London or Paris they'd realize what cultureless, narrow minded idiots they are.

Most of the people in Saskatoon visit las vegas once or twice in their lifetimes and think they have world knowledge.

It's ignorance and knowing no better.
If you put a hundred Saskatoon kids in a room with a hundred kids from normal places like Toronto or Montreal, anyone could tell who the Saskatoon kids are....plain, funny looking, unsophisticated etc.

the funny thing is, most of the people there are so ignorant they don't even know what they are missing...they are lost and out of touch wit the real world.
when people from Saskatoon visit the real world, people stare and wonder why they look so weird and act so funny.

However, that's the way it is and thee is lots of places in the US and Canada like this...generally people too scared to go out and make their own mark in life so they stay with their "friends" in a place like Saskatoon.

A very sad place with very sad people.
so sad that most of them don't realize what losers they really are!

Cammalot said...

I lived in Saskatoon for many years, moved to Winnipeg and found it to be 10 times the city than Saskatoon was, although far from perfect.

Saskatoon is a vat of shit, poor economy, part time jobs, overpriced housing and everyone thinks they are on the same level as Calgary.

Unknown said...

Lol you nailed it. I've never heard of any bike owner keeping the same bike for more than three months before some piece of shit steals it.

Anonymous said...

I spent a month in Saskatoon recently. I am from Seattle....born and bred.
I've lived in New York and Germany as well.

Saskatoon is a sheltered little hick town and the people are extremely boring....stupid and uncultured in fact.

I never met a single one who could be considered a cosmopolitan person.

Most of its citizens have never been anywhere and the "city" is ugly. It is flat, and it is cold. Some city ha ha. 200k or something like that....with no metro area to speak of what a joke.
When that shit hole ends at the edge of town, that's it for hundreds of miles. Nightmare!

The restaurants are crap but the worst is the people. They know nothing because the most modern place they have been is Calgary or Las Vegas. How amusing!
The people go on about themselves when you talk to them. the average one has absolutely no conversational skills. what losers.

I guess it's cause' they realize they really don't match up to a person who has been around a little, seen the world that makes them uncomfortable and self conscious.

It is like some bible belt place 40 years behind the times. Seriously, the average person from there would be laughed at in the real world.
How the fuck someone could spend their life there is beyond me.

Just my two cents worth...glad I am never going back.

Lucifer Smiles said...

I don't give a single fuck what any of the assholes from here say I have been here for 8 years and had a family besides the family it's been the shittiest 8 years of my 35 years on this planet no joke we moving back to Calgary see ya fuckers!����

Lucifer Smiles said...

I agree with all the rants this place is full of 2 faced assholes that act like they are from Beverly Hills and really I hope this place finds its way to a massive sink hole and disappears forever!

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Regina for one year and keep trying to like it. I have gone to the museums and restaurants. I have walked around the lake. I have gone to the gyms. And guess what, all of those places have sucked. The museums are small and tasteless, the restaurants are bland and fatty (even the expensive ones), and the gyms are full of creepers. Also since I've moved here, I've had to buy a car and basically stop walking to work, for groceries, etc., because this place is full of slack-jawed gawkers who leer openly. I've had people yell sexist slurs at me while walking around the lake at 2 pm. My response has been to basically live my life indoors, on treadmills or at the desk, etc., planning out my vacations so I can leave this hell-hole on a regular basis and actually experience life in a real city where women can wear nice clothes in public and not be creeped on every ten seconds.

Don Rabinderjeet said...

Hey there "I have lived in Regina for one year and keep trying to like it".. You must be way too sexy for your own pants with your perception that everyone in Regina is creeping on you, get over yourself, or start wearing a hijab and some coveralls. Regina is a paradise compared to Saskatoon, the massive ego is not consistent in Regina as it is in Saskatoon. But guess what, both cities are hick shit holes.

I totally agree that Saskatoon is a crap hole full of small minded people that have never left the city and are as someone put it, Calgary wannabees. It will become much worse than better with Saskatoon's so called boom coming to a very abrupt end.

This is an excellent blog with many realistic views, keep it up!

Joe way said...
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Joe way said...

Ha, I've lived in Regina my whole life born and raised, and I agree, this is a cliquish, shitty place. Incredibly depressing unless you have the cash to leave for six months out of the year. I regret raising a family here and not leaving, strongly regret, and I encourage my kids to educate themselves and Get The Fuck Out Of Saskatchewan. Now, having said that, I definitely do not sympathize with the young lady who is upset because she thinks men are eyeing her up while she walks around the Wascana Pond. A little modesty will not kill you, men are still men and we don't (most of us) mean to offend you.

Regina is boring, that's all, there is nothing to do here that does not cost an arm and a leg. The place, and probably Saskatoon as well, is designed for driving from crappy restaurant to big box store/ massive retail zone and back home. Pilsner beer is piss and Rider Pride os so hokey as fuck.


Anonymous said...

What I saw in Saskatoon is same as Toronto. The same culture where people do nothing but sleep and work. Whoever on here that said people are normal in Toronto need to rethink what you are talking about. Just because you were born in Toronto does not mean you give high value to your city. At least Saskatoon has a much lower cost of living because the quality is lower. What the fuck does Toronto have? It's the most expensive dump in the world.

Anonymous said...

Hey to the person who wrote the comment above. Please know that Toronto is an extremely clean city. Not like Saskatoon, dirty and trash along the roadsides and parking lots. Speaking of parking lots, Toronto actually has nice paved lots and not like Stoon.... lumpy bumpy places they expect you to park your car. Toronto is civilized and we are not allowed to let our trucks and cars idle for hours because it is tooooooo cold. LOL that is such a waste of clean air that goes on in Saskatoon and Regina.

No bi-laws... Toronto has a lot to offer and we are very friendly people. we cant help it that we have a higher class of culture.
I was in Saskatoon long enough to realize that the tooners prejudice against us Easterners. This im sure is only because they are insecure as to how a real city is run. ... and how real people live their lives. We are just fine here in Toronto and surrounding areas. So smoke that in your winter pipe! I do have a couple of good friends there but for the most part Saskatoon is a hole! :P

Anonymous said...

As someone who grew up in Saskatoon and travelled a bit (went bungee jumping in London, England over the Thames river, was in Munich for October fest ect... ) there are some truths you are saying (like potholes!) but a lot of unfair accusations. It's very ironic to note that people apparently are snobs but yet are poorly dressed.

Saskatoon, the Paris of the Prairies does indeed shine!!

After travelling for a bit you realize that every city has its own thing. Saskatoon people by in large are the friendliest I have ever come across.

Anonymous said...

The economy was good for a few years, now things are looking really grim. Look at all the office vacancies. The residential vacancy rate is also way up, historically high. This is seriously bad news for this city. We overbuilt. People got greedy, built quick and cheap and now there's too much of it. You could see it coming. Businesses are shutting down. 2nd Ave downtown is hurting. Car culture dominates here: everyone drives, all the time for even the shortest distance. And it's not only because it's cold, it's because of bad city planning and laziness. People are lazy here. We are obese. Fast food chains, fine dining chains, box store chains, all foreign owned chains. The local culture here is so weak. There is a colonial attitude here that everything good must come from outside the province. There is a lack of self esteem here. There is an untidy use of space here. It is an indoor city. People retreat to their homes and to their TVs directly from work.

Joe way said...

Yeah man, yeah, you just hammered the nail square on the head.

hist man313 said...

What ever happened to when that shit hole of a city Saskatoon was called the Paris of the Prairies? *Puke* Omg to the people of Paris France I apologize for denigrating your beautiful city name with this redneck close minded idiotic mentality of a town and thinking we are actually as great as your wonderful and ancient city. This city is where all of the countries' waste goes. If it's corny diarrhea from Toronto or vomit from Vancouver this is the end of the line. This city was created from all of that human waste.

Anonymous said...

It is just funny to read all the comments to see how much time and effort people put into them. Should have put that time and effort to better use. Seems like this is the place where people who were unsuccessful in making a life for themselves in Saskatchewan go to rant before they bring there negative attitude to another province.

Anonymous said...

Fags like you are a big reason this place sucks. And the weather.

Anonymous said...

Just shows the level of maturity and proves the point of who complains about Saskatchewan in these comments. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, fault finders and know besters , such as yourself, make life unbearable for reguar people anywhere. This place nust sucks PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, glad I found this post!

I went to Saskatoon for a few months about a year ago.
I was forced into it by my employer for some business interests we have in Western Canada.

I am from London, UK and I have never in all my days seen a miserable little piss hole of a town in my life. The people are so "square" it is not funny....30 years behind the times.

Oh my God!
Restaurants suck, parks suck, but the people are the worst most uncultured hicks I have ever seen. Really uneducated, never been anywhere except Vancover and stupid.
The people in Saskatoon, You start talking to them and the conversation immediately fixes to themselves.
They try to impress you with what they do and where they live and what they have.
What a joke...brag about that kidding me?
Most of them seem fat personal pride in themselves.

Nothing to do world class music, sights, museums, history, nice bars, cool cars, NOTHING! The place is void of all normal things in a real place

They have boats in their garages, motorcycles, and big bellies. LOL!

I say to them, check out London, (or for that matter, Paris or Berlin) and see how NORMAL people live.

Virtually anyone from Saskatoon would stick out in one of these places like a sore thumb in the unsophisticated department.

I spent time in Toronto too....100% improvement on Saskatoon. It is a real city....Saskatoon is a flat ugly boring place with NOTHING to do but drink and read about native crime....oh and get fat too.
Glad I left after 8 weeks of hell...never going back!

Next time the newest guy in the company can have that assignment.

Anonymous said...

To the assholes complaining about people posting that they dont like saskatchewan: news flash, not everyone sucks your provinces cock like you do so SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE THIS PAGE because its a page for people who have better taste than you and have a right to list all the ways saskatchewan sucks...

oh, and dont forget the absolutely fucking terrifying rates of CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE thats always being covered up by your "great saskatchewaners" inclduing your pervert mayor don atcheson.

saskatchewan is a shit hole of racist inbred rednecks whose pompous attitudes and belief saskatchewan is "great" are only possible because THEYVE NEVER BEEN ANYWHERE ELSE!

and now your provincial douchebag brad wall has also proved even he was only here for the money and to fuck you all up the ass: he got his giant million dollar paycheck and whats the first thing he did? he fucked off lol

and its way better for people to vent on a page than to go off on someone in person, so you can go fuck yourself with your self righteous judgy saskatchewan idiocy

Anonymous said...

Oh, and there isnt just native crime in saskatoon, theres white crime, white people are fucking corrupt backstabby greedy perverted fucks in saskatchewan, but the racist assholes always cover it up. especially their pedophilia. glad i left that shit hole when i did

Dabadui Lool said...

Some comment are going a bit hard but I completely agree with the fact the city is boring and ugly.

Saskatoonis don't all have great personalities but i'm not going to say everyone from there is an asshole.

They also believe their city shines. They always say omg we are so lucky we have 4 seasons well no shit. Whole Canada has 4 seasons and so what you can barely tell what season it is! Literally someone i met someone who thought it was winter in freaking Halloween. Quick summary of seasons in Saskatoon: Winter: Cold, ugly and useless snow, harsh winds, dirt and uglyness. Spring: Muddy, rainy and even more ugly with no good plants growing literally just ugly plants growing on their own. Summer: Dry polluted and eveeyrhing too basic and green no good flowers just a boring city with a boring summer but its the best season here. Fall: Wind, unstable weather. Icy roads.
The downtown looks ugly af! Their tallest tower is 79 meters lol. That sucks for a 200,000 populated city that absolutely has no historic monument for it not get built. The towers look so old and weird too. I have always liked downtowns and take this word for granted Saskatoon has had the worst downtown and belive me not trying to brag but i have visited quite bit of places and Saskatoon has had the worst downtown out of all of em.
The hospitals are ugly af u feel like you are living in India or something. Packed, old, smelly and a big waiting time. I've been to the hospital and most people have freaking broke their back or something cause they too lazy to do shit other than watching their lame ass riders team lose.

Worst than all these is entertainment in the city. I know alot of people just decide to move to that city after visiting it but Saskatoon and the whole Saskatchewan offers not touristic/entertaining places and still they ditch about not getting a bigger population. Literally the best place they have is these lakes they go to like every week of summer which are again ugly, lame and not modern! Not to forget mosquitoes...

This city has potentials but unfortunately people here are too close minded and curiousless people who just live their bring ass life and don't do exciting shit. If the city cleaned up its ugliness and mudds specially in spring and planned some colorfull flowers, modernized the city stopped expanding so fucking much and just make the their old shitty neighbourhoods a bit nicer and stopped copying the freaking American life stlye oh and also removed the stupid farms that pump up everywhere and fixes the roads and added cool places this city could be like Calgary right now it's comparable to Afghanistan's capital city.

Anonymous said...

Dabadui Lool, You are so right, Saskatoon is a prime shit city.

Can't stand u said...

The people here aren't nice. They are rude, and if you disagree with anything anyone says, the response is 'If you don't like it, leave'. I gladly will.
There is nothing to do here but drink and watch some crappy football team. There is no culture, everyone just meanders along with no real direction and are nasty as hell.
They can't drive, like to think that they and Saskatoon are God's gift. To what I have yet to discover and don't think I ever will. Small town Hicksville that is about 50 years behind the rest of the world. Get your heads out of your asses, change your redneck, racist ways and join the rest of the planet. Most pathetic place ever.

Anonymous said...

Omg this comment thread is making my day! I moved to saskatoon for graduate school, and it has been the worst city I've ever lived in! The school was small minded, stressful and acted like what we were talking about was so important - it wasnt. It was bullshit liberal propaganda and I come from Ontario. The university I went to out west for my bachelors makes university of Saskatchewan look like kindergarten. It was shocking. I developed bad anxiety living in saskatoon and let me tell you why! Not only the stressful vibe in the university for no apparent reason (probably because the profs couldn't get a job anywhere else, so they try to explain their own existence by bullying students which would be considered disgusting at another university) but also because of the social life.
DONT MOVE HERE. nobody will be able to maintain eye contact with you, you won't make any friends. I lived here for two years and I don't have a sinhle girlfriend. I got a boyfriend right when I moved here (not surprising if you take a look around at the women) and it morphed into a domestic violence situation. I seriously thought men knew not to hit and push around women anymore, as everywhere else in Canada it's known that its against the law. Anyways I got in over my head and eventually escaped that relationship. All his friends were red neck introverts who excluded me at social gatherings, and all their girlfriends couldn't talk to me. This place is seriously fucked. I lived near Toronto and Edmonton and saskatoon is the anus of Canada. It finally occurred to me to just screw my lease and move somewhere else. I haven't been able to find a job... Any job... For four months. I can't stand the horrid weather here its just too damn cold, and this is coming from an edmontonian. Sorry to rant! But this place ALMOSY broke my spirit. I just count my lucky stars I didn't get knocked up while here, and I'm lucky to come from somewhere civilized to know this isn't normal. It isnt normal to not have any friends or have people want to make connections with you. In Edmonton you make friends easily and same with Toronto. I honestly hate saskatoon. I had such high hopes! Its a shit hole. Don't even get my started on the drivers, it's really weird. Anyways if you're thinking of coming to the university here DONT. Even when I held a job as a waitress at two different places, nobody would make eye contact with me. This place is asleep. Thanks for all the other comments, I was starting to question my own sanity.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree! Living in other parts of Canada, moving here I was shocked. I don't know how anyone can outwardly state they hate natives. How can you hate a certain race? In other cities in Canada, at least the civilized ones it's understood that racism towards natives is disgusting.
Not here. The white people proudly discriminate agsinst them. It broke my heart, they don't deserve that.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Saskatoon for years and I hated it and still hate it. The cops are pricks they would rather give you a ticket for window tint then get off there lazy asses and go after the punks that kept breaking into my truck six break ins in three years not one arrest. I even caught the one punk red handed and made him stay till the cops showed up and they let him go and told him not to do it again. I had the prick on camera breaking into the truck and the city cops didn't do nothing they actually said they felt sorry for him cause iguess he told the Saskatoon police he was scared of me and felt threaten of me and seen my support be the bridge city boys shirt and assumes I was a gangster. I'm not a gangster I do support the Bridge City Boys but that don't make me a gangster next thing I know I'm in handcuffs and being padded down and being questioned about drugs. Well what the fuck I work a full-time job I don't do drugs I'm a legit blue collar guy and I simply called the Saskatoon police cause some low life is breaking into my truck then I'm in handcuffs and the punk crook walks wtf fuck the Saskatoon police bunch pricks.

Anonymous said...

A decade gone since this was posted, and you could just copy paste it to current times. This city really wants to be a stale, shitty, prairie town.

Anonymous said...

I come from Ontario and I have lived in Saskatoon for almost 10 years now. At first I did not like the town. I was not used to a slower pace of life, fewer entertainment and restaurant choices and it was difficult not knowing anyone. I grew to love the city. It has exactly what you need without many things that you really do not. Sure, there are potholes and snow removal could be improved but I would take that any day over bumper to bumper traffic. I have made some wonderful lifetime friends here, which isn't hard with the number of friendly people around. The city is beautiful with a lot of green space and many activities. The people from Saskatoon are some of the toughest people out there- everyone is outside at a balmy 20 below! There is a sense of community, pride, and chivalry (thanks to everyone who holds open doors!). I have a hard time giving credit to the other posts above considering the poor grammar and spelling mistakes (e.g. graduate school..unlikely).

Anonymous said...

Wow ok, I think perhaps some of you didn't give Saskatoon a chance. No it's not for everyone. I don't agree there is nothing to do especially if you are into extreme sports. Just don't expect to win any trophies the competition is very experienced.
For beginners there is burping on the bus and lighting farts on fire. Grade 8s and their super big gulps can blow the rear doors open without even trying. Not bad for guys barely old enough to vote. Lighting farts on fire is more of a home activity, yes I know the mall seems like the obvious place but the security guards work in pairs and with all the cheap mall food they don't even need a lighter.
Moving on to driving, some of you just don't recognize talent when you see it. My favorite is entering a busy street from just about any side road stop sign or not. You have to wait until the approaching traffic gets close then just pull out without making eye contact. That is why we don't make eye contact we are honing our talents for the next trip behind the wheel.
You people in Toronto or Vancouver that think you are so cool are going to love this next one. We figured out how to make fire. Evolved or what? Once again you will be going up against the best of the best. All you need is a pit in your back yard, some wet wood and a can of gas. FOOMP!! That should take care of any facial hair that got missed lighting farts on fire.
You think you can take the muffler of your dodge truck get a dog that barks and howls day and night and compete guys good luck. Their exploits are legendary. They figured out wind speed and direction, how many leaves to add and when. Hell they can hospitalize the asthmatic neighbor kids in no time flat. Try that in Vancouver or Toronto and they will throw your ass in jail.
That covers most of the solo activities but I have to say even I was taken aback by STD guy. This guy is 2 for 2 practicing unsafe sex. My first thought was did he tell the second girl what happened with the first girl? I best leave that one alone I am only assuming he was picking up girls and not working the lanes behind downtown hotels.