Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why Saskatooners say NO to recycling: It's GARBAGE!

Below are ccomments written in response to the Star Phoenix story noted in my previous post on local resistance to the adoption of a curbside recycling pickup program in Saskatoon. As you can see, at least some locals are still opposed to the creation of a recycling program, including the mayor himself.

For those of you not from the rectangle of regression, these comments give you insight into the mindset that exists there (all typos and idiocy are original).

You can't make this stuff up!

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How is recycling any good?
You drive a car to the drop off bins.
Before you tree huugers types told me not to use a car. Now you say go to recycle bins. Make up your mind.
I will not pay to have some body pick up recyles.
I'll just put them in the garbage and save money and gas

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It is still unsightly, I do not want to see garbage on the front curbs. I like the idea of bins located around the city. Drop off your recycles, then go shopping. Best example is the green bin behind the grocery store on Main and Broadway. Before you shove something else down my mouth like River Landing, give me some options. Recycling is a good thing, but also keep in mind the company that does this produces materials they sell. So why does the recycle company get to double dip? Maybe if these goods were as valuable as we are lead to believe then the recycle company should pay us for our garbage. Last, we all ready have taxes imposed on us at point of purchase to cover the garbage cost from deposits to flat out garbage tax like the new one on computers. Why is this money not re directed back to recycling pick up? Governments are fast to take money from us and we are fast to forget about it untill the day we wake up broke. It isn't that an extra $12 will kill me, but I have lived here for all my life and have just made enough to get by. That $12 should be going into an RRSP or it will be your children paying for me as an old timer.

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Blue boxes; where I get to pay some one to take my garbage, to in turn obtain raw materials to make a profit while I pay the city to pick up my garbage.

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Instead of this why not have bins at designated drop off depots in numerous spots where we can take our recycle goods? This works fine in other cities.
I also dislike looking at peoples garbage sitting on the curb.

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