Monday, May 12, 2014

The nightmare lives on

Have you ever lived in Saskatchewan? Step into my nightmare...

I haven't been to Saskatchewan in almost five years. Yet I still sometimes have dreams - nightmares? - about what life was like there. That place, that evil, awful, nasty, hellish place. The rectangle of regression.

Yes, it happens. My mind wanders, usually when it is in a vulnerable, tired state. Numb. It goes back to that dark place. The cursed land.

I only go there when I am weak. Fragile. Sleeping. Having a bad dream. In Hell.


They see me rollin...

It happens. Maybe once every 3 or 4 months. I wake up in the morning. Or maybe it is my wife. One of us has done it. Dreamt of that place. That awful, mediocre province that shall not be spoken of.


Fuck. These dreams are the worst. They always remind us of what life was like there. Cold. Boring. Dirty. Plain. White. Mediocre. Fat. Did I say cold?


I still hate it.


Joe Beaver said...

Thank you for this blog. I never had any plans to go to Saskatchewan but this just reaffirms my assumptions were correct and I'll never move there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I still have something between nightmares and hallucinations based on Saskatchewan. I hope Im not alone in my hate for that fucking rectangle.

Anonymous said...

About a year ago, my husband took a job in this province. I went it thinking, how bad can it be? I am currently living this nightmare! Why the hell did I leave Alberta for this shit hole?

Anonymous said...

why, fuck why, am I here?

Anonymous said...

Life is what you make it...don't like it here, then go home.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for exposing the truth about Saskatchewan. You are doing a valuable service to humanity.

Anonymous said...

Why bitch. Move you loser. Woohoo sask roughriders!! Bleed green or leave!

Brent said...

Dear Mr. I Hate Saskatchewan,
It must be horrible to carry around so much hate for so long.
You haven't lived there for 5 years yet you still haven't been able to let go of whatever it was that you caused all this grief?
Obviously it was something very deep rooted. . . I have heard of a number of young boys who were sexually abused by hockey coaches, priests, even Boy Scout leaders.
I watched the documentary with Theoren Fleury who said the hate he carried for his abuser almost destroyed his life. A lot of other men who were abused as boys have lost their lives to drugs and alcohol trying to forget the hate they feel instead of confronting and resolving it.
Might be worth a try, instead of trying to live with the nightmares.

Anonymous said...

I am a middle-aged mother and professional who recently moved to Regina from another province. Unfortunately the men here stare at women and harass them constantly. I feel very sorry for the girls and women who grow up here. Myself, I no longer even jog outside because every time I'm out in public by myself I have had at least one man yelling at me from his car or from his bicycle - hey baby, what's up, etc. It's bloody awful. I have jogged in every province in this country, and SK is the only place where I've actually been sexually harassed simply for being outside. And let me re-state: I am middle aged. I don't want to imagine what it must be like for young women. I love the outdoors and I love to run but now I'm confined to treadmills because I absolutely hate being catcalled just for trying to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

I Hate Saskatchewan said...

Brent! I feel so humble, being in the presence of Saskatchewan royalty. I just loved your show, Corner Gas. It was so awesome and so, so Saskatchewan. The movie, well, that wasn't so great. But hey, you can't win all the time. Or even very often. Any Rider fan knows that!

I admire your psychoanalytical skills and how much effort you're put into understanding me. However I am afraid there is no "anal" in the truth. I didn't play hockey, nor did I go to church (I know, I had a very un-Saskatchewan-like upbringing). And while I was a boyscouts, the time was spent building fires, not playing hokey-pokey with Mr. Janzen. But I do appreciate your advice to do drugs and alcohol. You're one thoughtful guy!

Say hi to bubba for me!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Moose Jaw ?? Post cards of 1890's MJ show a thriving main street full of ornate Victorian buildings, colourful awnings, trim Victorians in top hats and dresses, and a streetcar track going up and down the street. Community.
When I lived there, it was empty most days, you were stared at to be walking, the buildings for the most part were unkempt and the few folks around were fat as hell and in jogging pants. What happened ?
But in defence of the province at large, the weather is beyond any persons control. Either you can deal or you can't. There are delicate issues regarding history and race that overshadow the place, there are no quick fixes. It's a quiet and geographically isolated place that's been quietly feeding North America for a long long time, it's not New York.

Anonymous said...

Saskatchewan, land of the living skies! Very true indeed! Only the sky is living the rest are either dead or catatonic. Rider Nation? Yes fanatics taken for a ride by a bunch of clown pretending to be foot ball players! 1 win 5 lost, really a bunch of green clowns!

Unknown said...

Your documentary interest consists of watching abuse victims and learning about boy scout leader pedophiles? Sounds like a prime Saskatchewan candidate