Saturday, April 10, 2010

He has the internet now

I must admit I have a new guilty pleasure that keeps me looking back to Saskatchewan, the place where they got the thematic inspiration for the movie, The Land Before Time.

I am speaking of Jim Pankiw’s new website.

You can see my earlier blog post below to get the low-down on this former MP representing Saskatchewan. This embattled warrior is back and he’s ready to fight the forces of racism against Whites. Yes, you read that correctly. Racism, against Whites.

I don’t think Mr. Pankiw really knows what racism means as he is best known for delivering inflammatory rants and public tirades against native people, and even for trying to pick a fight with a native lawyer at a bar while intoxicated. His actions got him ejected from the Conservative Party, spurned by the press, and eventually voted out of office. Looks like even those people in Humboldt have their limits.

It’s pretty clear that Pankiw has only one agenda or interest in politics and that is to cast aspersions against native people. In his eyes, they are treated with lavish favour and privilege. Clearly, he’s never driven through a reserve before.

Pankiw’s new website is a sight to behold. It features pictures of parliament and him in a gun-slinging stance, thumb in his waist, ready to kick ass. On the site you can read all about him, ask him questions, post on a forum, read hate mail he’s received, and even donate to his cause to get re-elected as an independent. It used to have an intro movie playing to the tune “Back in Black” by AC/DC but I see that is no longer. I guess Mr. Pankiw discovered what a copyright is after getting a call from a lawyer.
"Larger than Parliament" Pankiw (not actual size)
My personal favourite part of his website is a collection of quotes from his time in the House of Commons. He used to regularly ask questions about why the Canadian system is so baised against whites. Most entertaining are the responses he elicits from the ministers, much more than his questions. I’ve including some below for your entertainment.

In response to Pankiw’s question on:

The Public Service

Hon. Joe Jordan (Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, a good question deserves a good answer. That was not a good question.

Hon. Denis Coderre (President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, Federal Interlocutor for M├ętis and Non-Status Indians, Minister responsible for la Francophonie and Minister responsible for the Office of Indian Residential Schools Resolution, Lib.): He should be ashamed of spouting such nonsense.

Official Languages

Hon. Reg Alcock (President of the Treasury Board and Minister responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I often find the member's questions somewhat offensive and, frankly, this is no exception.

Aboriginal Affairs

Hon. Irwin Cotler (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I reject the implication in the question about a racist two-tier sentencing scheme.

Hon. Andy Mitchell (Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, those comments are utter nonsense.

Hon. Irwin Cotler (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, once again the hon. member proceeds by castigating aspersions of a racist character, and I will not answer those questions.

Hon. Robert Nault (Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, it is unfortunate and I can understand why even the Alliance does not want that member in its caucus.

On Fisheries:

Hon. Robert Thibault (Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, I assume the member is an expert on racism because he speaks to it often.

Want more? You can read them all here:


Werner said...

In Saskatchewan people get their opinions from crap like the Leader Post one of the dumbest newspapers in Canada (one of their former editors said that "legality equals morality" about as good a definition of fascism as you can get in three words) and braindead open line shows. We have high school teachers who believe in creationism and a cretinous population that lives for the next beer and the next football game. What crime did I commit in a past life to end up here? I'm surprised that the suicide rates don't go right through the roof especially in rathole Regina. Death why is thy sting?

Werner said...

where is thy sting

Anonymous said...

"We have high school teachers who believe in creationism and a cretinous population that lives for the next beer and the next football game."

Someone stereotypes an entire population like this (like the blog's author does), and HE'S the one doing the criticizing. Werner, where is thy logic? (But I guess since you use big words like “cretinous,” you are free of vice, right?)

"We have high school teachers who believe in creationism"

Could be. I haven't met one, but that could be true. By the way, there might even be some HS teachers who think this in other provinces or states. Yes, believe it or not, Sask is not the only place where something negative can happen.

This is a good blog for the 0.01% fringe who love to gripe about everything.

Werner said...
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Werner said...

I didn't say the whole population just more then there should be. Remember the saying "where there is one rat you see there are two hundred that you don't". The general atmosphere in this province tries to drag everyone down. The open line shows, the Leader Post and that idiot drivel for older people called "Senior Living" are just examples. These things wouldn't exist if at least a significant portion of the population can be influenced by them. The fact that you complain about my use of the word "cretinous" suggests you are feeling sorry for people who don't deserve it.

Werner said...

On another issue I agree that Pankiw is an asshole but he is correct (sort of) about "reverse" discrimination. For instance why should natives be the only people to get free university education? Why don't we imitate the Germans or the Dutch where education is free for anyone who has the necessary ability? In the United States there have been hundreds of student loan suicides and a few on this side of the border although not much mention of this gets into the press. On the other hand Medicare in this country is universal, more or less, and very few people in Canada dare to oppose. Perhaps therein lies the rub. Compare our native "leaders" to the late Dr. Martin Luther King. In his book "Chaos or Community" King wanted to tackle the issue of poverty for everyone including whites. He supported a guaranteed annual income as one solution. Now governments around the world are gradually starting to see that this is a solution to the "jobless recovery". What took them so long? The problem in this province is the level of political discussion is about that of the average football rally. What passes for the political Left is always on the lookout for the next government grant (for them only naturally. I talked to an "activist" who actually believed a GAI was a good idea for his friends but not anyone else!) VERSUS the thugs on the right represented at their ugliest extreme by Pankiw. I personally know a retired woman, fairly left of centre, who received a death threat because her unemployed and disabled son wrote a mildly worded letter to the local paper complaining about "freebees". Guys like Pankiw are trying to bring out the worst in a very disgruntled audience. The social science dominated "left" gives compassion a bad name while the "right" promotes increasing state interference under the rubric of personal liberty.