Thursday, July 24, 2008

Saskatoon's Boom..... Not Quite

More proof in the Star Phoenix that Saskatoon's so-called boom is anything but--the money numbers might say one thing but demographics say another... people are STILL leaving the province by the thousands! The ship might not be sinking still but the rats--or prairie dogs perhaps--are still fleeing! Get out while you can!


City population sinks: Estimate shows decline of 2,000 people since Jan. 2007

Rod Nickel, The StarPhoenixPublished: Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slow down that swagger, Saskatoon. The economy may be booming, but those counting heads suggest that doesn't mean the population is doing the same. The most recent estimate of Saskatoon's population from a Toronto analytics firm caused jaws to drop in the city planning department when it reported a decrease of 2,000 people between January 2007 and spring of this year to about 212,000 in the city proper. Anyone, including city officials, watching new neighbourhoods fill in and traffic back up might be skeptical that 2,000 souls have gone missing.
"We talked to (the firm) and said, 'We find this surprising,' " said Bill Holden, manager of the city's research and information resource centre. "They said, based on the stuff we do, that's the number we got."


Anonymous said...

Hi there
I am planning to move to Saska. Presently living in Toronto
Poeple told me that Government has the program for immigration to Sask province and one should stay there for 1 year then he/she can sponsor thier family members.
any comments

what if i want to share room with some one good to live with? what about rent etc?

I Hate Saskatchewan said...

You clearly have not read this blog very carefully. That you are even considering the move further suggests you may have forgotten to take your meds.

Anonymous said...

HA! Just re-read this posting (June 2010), looks like you were dead wrong about the population growth issue .. nice try.

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon is home to Canada's fastest growing economy‎
This was from October 22, 2011, so the article is fairly recent.

Anonymous said... is the URL.

Saskatoon is home to Canada's fastest growing economy said...

Saskatoon is home to Canada's fastest growing economy

Read more:

Anonymous said...

U only found 50 reasons why sicksatchwan is horrible I could name 50 million